Why Affiliate

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Equip your practice to serve your
patients better than before.


Work-Life Balance

Starting your own dental practice is not easy and takes time. Our corporate team manages the business and operational functions, offering clinicians the opportunity to focus on practicing dentistry, without the added pressure of managing a business after patient appointments. With us, you can enjoy a healthy career without limiting the amount of time doing what you love.

Quality & innovation

Our affiliated practices are consistently ranked by both the media and their patients as “best dentists” in the communities they serve.

Authentic values

Our values are simple and authentic. We’re not about corporate jargon – we live and breathe core values that our staff execute everyday: providing excellence in care and service, sharing empathy, & making dental care fun.

clincial autonomy

Our doctors have complete autonomy over their clinical patient care and treatment plans. Dentists receive guidance from our quality committee, consisting of experienced staff dentists, to ensure proper protocols are followed.

access to care

Our affiliates serve a diverse patient population, including patients with special healthcare needs. We accept a wide-variety of insurances including CHIP and Medicaid plans, allowing us to make an impact on those who need it most and improving access to care.


We are unique in our ownership of Children’s Dental Surgery – a collection of AAAHC-accredited ambulatory surgery centers where our pediatric dentists provide treatment to patients under general anesthesia in a safe, hospital-like environment.


When you work with Spark Dental Management, your practice will have access to an abundance of resources that will set them apart from the competition. With our solutions at your disposal, we let you do what you do best, and we take care of the rest. We supply our practices with state-of-the-art equipment, provide staff training, operational support, comprehensive marketing, and much more…

Administrative & Operational Support

We equip our offices with the training and technology to do their jobs with ease.

Finance & accounting

Our finance team partners with you to establish operational budgets, manage cash flow, and streamline the accounting process.


With a support line ready for any tech-issues that come your way, we’re here to help with hardware, software, and most everything in between.


Our marketing experts strive to acquire new patients and keep them coming back. Your practice will have comprehensive marketing services that cover every patient touch-point.

Human Resources

Our human resources team handles everything from benefits to recruitment. We strive to keep our offices fully staffed with doctors and a team that will keep our patients smiling and happy.


With our internal contact centers, we aim to provide the best customer service experience for every patient family we interact with.


From the interior and exterior of your practice, to the tools your team uses each day, we cover your facilities and procurement needs through our network of suppliers.


Our team centralizes relationships with all insurance carriers, making sure providers are credentialed, practices are in-network, and claims are processed efficiently.

Security & Compliance

Compliance and patient privacy are always top of mind.


At Spark Dental Management, we work to equip each of our affiliate practices to better serve their patients. Every brand has a unique
story to tell, and we’re proud that Spark Dental Management plays a small part of each of their stories.

I am passionate about helping and equipping teams to provide the best care possible to children and young adults. The support that Spark DSO provides makes it easy to focus on the patient first, creating positive outcomes and experiences. 

– Megan Shepard, Cumberland Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

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